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You need to have a website for your business because, that way, you can reach the customers looking on the Internet for what you offer. If they do not find you there, well, they will simply go to their next best bet: your competitor who is on the web. You and I know that the percentage of people with their eyes on a screen is very high all day long every day. You have the power to decide that you want to get noticed when your prospects need you.

The items available at the web store are necessary before building a website for your business. For instance, a domain name that matches your business name would be ideal. You should get yours as soon as you know how you want to name your company. Then, you have to host your website: hosting is available at the web store, too. Finally, you have to build a website, secure it, and start using it for the purposes you want to dedicate if for. Unless you know how to make your website, I recommend that you let our expert designers build yours for you.

Artwork by Sarah R., 5y old

Before ordering a website

Get a domain

For your website, the domain is the name that associates with your company: example.com


Your website must be hosted somewhere, just like there is a location for each house address.

SSL Certificate

The protocol for your website must show an 's' at 'http' so it can read 'https.' That way you secure your customers' and your information online.


Also, get the following items ready immediately: pictures, video links on YouTube or Vimeo, website content, etc. If you need help for any or all of those items, let us know.

Web Design & Digital Marketing Solutions
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Our web designers will be happy to create a beautifully responsive and functional website for your business thanks to their over 15-year experience. We have several affordable packages depending on your goals and budget. Order an e-commerce storefront if you plan on selling online; a standard website will do, otherwise. Finally, if you prefer our specialists to create a customized website instead, we’ll make that happen, too.  You are in good hands.


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